Custom built PHP shopping cart

Change of theme

Today I decided to change jekyll theme as I was not satisfied with earlier one. I came across this nice theme which supported all my requirements. so kudos to developer.

Learning docker !!!

To run docker

  • docker run docker/whalesay cowsay boo

Configure DWA131 wireless N300

Today I have to shift network connection of my raspberry pi 2 from wired to wifi. I did foresee this and did purchased a wifi dongle “DWA131 Wireless N300 Nano USB Adapter” from a technological fair at my home town. When I connected this dongle to my raspberry pi. It was disappointing to see that this dongle is not supported out of the box for raspbian jessie. so I tried it with “Kodi” which to my surprise supported this dongle out of the box.

My first blog

Welcome to my first blog, Thank you for taking time to read this. At first, I was reluctant to do blogging then I thought writting makes me feel relaxed so here it is.